HMI/PLC all-in-one
1.EX2N-43H/HA series, 4.3” TFT display, 60K colors, up to12DI /12DO, 4AI/2AO, Rs485/Rs232 can be added
2.EX2N-70H/HA series, 7” TFT display, 60K colors, up to 24DI /20DO, 12AI/8AO, Rs485/Rs232 can be added.
3.EX2N-100H/HA series, 10” TFT display, 60K colors, up to 24DI /20DO, 12AI/8AO, Rs485/Rs232 can be added.


Product information

Naming rule:

1.Product series: EX2N: EX2N series

2. HMI type: 43H: 4.3inch 70H:70inch 100HA:10inch

3. I/O: 10: 5DI/5DO 16: 8DI/8DO 24:12DI/12DO etc.

4.Module type: M: main module ofuniversal controller

5. DO Type: R: relay T: transistor RT: both relay and transistor

6. AI : 4 channels for 43H, 12 for 70H/100H

7. AO:2 channels for 43H, 8 for 70H/100H

8. AI type: EK: EKthermocouple PT: PT100 SR: S-typethermocouple

A4: 4-20mA A0: 0-20mA JR: J-typethermocouple

V: 0-10V NTC:thermistor (10k/50k/100k)

9. AO type: V: 0-10V A0: 0-20mA V5:0-5V

10. C1 means singe phase 100k high-speed counting, C2 for 100KHz AB phase counting

C3 for 100KHz ABZ counting, C30 for 10Khz ABZ counting, at most 6 single phase 10Khz or 3 AB(Z) phase 10-100KHz can be custom-made. If 6 single phase 10KHz be made, the model should be 6C10.

11. P for 100KHzhigh-speed pulse, P2 for 200KHzhigh-speed pulse

At most 4 100-200KHz can be customized for 43H, and 5 100-200KHz for 70H/100HA

12. Optional COM port: 485P/232P means the port is made in PLC

485H/232H means the port is made in HMI

As for 43H, only one RS232 can be added in HMI and one RS485 in PLC

As for 70H/100HA, one RS232 or RS485 can be added in both HMI and PLC


Main features of HMI-PLC Controller:

1. Highly integration. At most 24I/20O for switching value, 12I/8O for Analog Quantity. As for EX2N-70H/100HA, 1 RS232 or 1 RS485 can be added both in HMI and PLC. As for EX2N-43H, 1 RS232 can be added in HMI and 1 RS485 be added in PLC.

2. Support high-speed counting and high-speed pulse. High-speed counting can be added to at most 6 single-phase , 3 AB(Z) 10-100KHz. High-speed pulse can be added up to 4 or 5 20-200KHz.

3. Support special encryption. Setting 12345678 as password can thoroughly prevent the data from being read.

4. 3.81MM pluggable terminals being adopted for easy wiring.

5. Mitsubishi programming software for PLC, <COOLMAY HMI> software for HMI.